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A person to take a photo of this thing has not been too keen. (mobile phone changed many times from a self timer) so like unpacking and HD Mito is beyond strength and power this is the first time, writing for SMZDM, pictures and text level is limited, welcome Paizhuan, do not mind. Directly into the title bar, many years later, OAKLEY has launched a new series of riding exclusive lens PRIZM series, divided into PRIZM ROAD and PRIZM TRIAL (road riding) (forest road riding) and PRIZM DAILY (daily) multiple styles, as the college began to love the extreme brand fans online, generally look at the tall the introduction and comparison of the photos, completely unable heart sinking house technology to stir the hearts, not long after that start.

PRIZM technology on the first direct reference to the official introduction here: OAKLEY, the world's leading sports brand, recently announced that the new PRIZM lens technology after 15 years of research and development process has finally come out. This revolutionary new technology designed to maximize visual contrast and visibility has the ability to adapt to different light environments.

In fact, as early as OAKLEY years ago, has been well versed in human visual perception of cheap fake oakley sunglasses,cheap oakley sunglasses color contrast to control the theory of light. In recent years, with the light control in other technology areas increasingly mature and well put in all kinds of engineering design, OAKLEY also found through the effective control of light to realize the development and innovation of the key technology of lens. PRIZM is an innovative bio engineering lens technology. In fact, my interest is mainly the PRIZM lens, and not too rough for JAWBREAKER glasses, because had heard of the late OAKLEY frame has already started from the MADE IN USA to MADE IN ASIA, and the quality is more the trend of shrinking (see a star into a variety of leisure we have mentioned, and two comments) a treasure in the early on with a variety of different grades of cheap "boutique" and "super fine". Virtually implies that the die early at home. But the ears, seeing is believing, so get lost again. There are still enough authenticity based on personal experience, so the purchase channels Taobao (the price advantage is huge, in view of the world is only 9XX yuan).

A fan of the Oakley for the JAWBREAKER PRIZM cycling glasses to start thinking OAKLEY direct links

Jawbreaker Asia JAWBONE International Edition

Open the first feeling after packing, is greatly simplified compared with the original JAWBONE accessories, sponge lining hard glasses box without additional lenses, no place to store, soft bag simple many, there is no separate bag inside separate lens, lens with only a pair of (this can be understood as to JAWBONE (light) film polarizer / dark (yellow) dual lens, and optical film) with the high value of the original nano lens cleaning. As for manual and the JAWBREAKER card has three pieces of thin (warranty cards, registration tips for lens icon) JAWBONE thick four pages (including details of OAKLEY sections the lens characteristics and transmittance).

PS: because my JAWBREAKER is Asian Version, JAWBONE is the international version, if there is a JAWBREAKER version of the international sea Amoy buy shoes and I can talk about whether the parts is the same as.JAWBONE now renamed RACING JACKET, students need to buy Sea Amoy. Then the frame process, the details of the processing material and durable degree compared to the RADAR/RADARLOCK series fake oakley sunglasses,cheap oakley sunglasses free shipping and JAWBON/RACING JACKET series has had some minor setbacks, the appearance of line design is complex (of course, maybe some people love the sense of science and Technology), leg shaft position is easy to white material smoothness shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, even not have this side with more than 2 years JAWBONE. the cumbersome leg length regulating personal feeling is that design is quite boring, but also very fragile. (that is to fit the helmet? Then eggs)

As for the authenticity of the problem, as long as you are not too cheap, in fact, according to a reasonable price space, the purchase of the original serial number to identify the normal packaging products, want to buy fake is quite difficult.


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