Buy Oakley SI-8 Boots Coyote

The biggest advantage is that handsome – puppet fans

When starting Oakley Oakley SI-8 boots Coyote wolf brown, 200 U.S. knife free shipping, transfer fee of 175, wearing a long time to remember to take out the sun. Earn gold.

I am a fan of the knowledge, do not know much, mainly is the appearance of the party. The most love to buy shoes what,

The boots of the latest styles, China production, it seems there is no military procurement contract, material performance is mediocre, what GORE-TAX, V word at the end of these high-end technology has not left, the biggest advantage of handsome! Beautiful appearance of symmetry, a sense of the future of science fiction. According to the OAKLEY style, this is the future of boots may appear in the future Transformers, special forces such as the sci-fi blockbuster sequel.

It is said the materials, but also some unique technology, a large area of vamp adopts seamless materials, artificial fur and Comrade JORDAN is a major shareholder of NIKE and OAKEY, the two have some origins. The heel of a large piece of plastic shell support and protection. The shoe is very light weight, feel soft, and hightops general almost feel, comfortable! There is a small problem is the shoelace seems a little short, if the top button is not good, is suspected to the distribution of the six inch models but less wear shoes’ two button legs is comfortable.

O’s shoes don’t seem to be right. It’s also US 9.5. The black boots are a little big, and two pairs of light colors fit.

In addition, the color is very strange, only black and brown, according to common sense, sand color is not less.

According to a brother left: OAKLY boot 8 inch assault boots for the goods to be familiar, a variety of large screen, high popularity, authentic flying all over the sky, the special offer 89.9 knife, I said the price is not the consumption tax, clearing time will add a tax calculation should be around 8% in the end is $87 o’clock. In the words of O SI-8: the protagonist, the boots names are the same ah this is to remove the right boot ASSAULT SABOT MID, was like more than 50 knife plus consumption tax more than 60 knife.

There is a rubber, tongue for shoes, ADIDAS shoes wading have similar design.

The fused vamp, the sole is sticky and seamless, and does not know whether it is firm or not?

The support of the main heel of the bag is very sci-fi. It looks very hard, but it’s soft inside.

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