Car God with the way Oakley Frogskins

This time, I chose this sunglasses for the first time. There are three reasons: first, the summer is coming, the sunglasses are one of the most practical products; second, I once wrote an article experience: buy Sunglasses, sports sunglasses to choose to do a preliminary discussion, but so big on the products are not used, want to taste a fresh; third, I have a friend in the Oakley, often giving me the big O leading technology, and encouraged me to buy, but I have a reason to refuse (money), to have the free trial opportunity, certainly will not miss.

I have a list of evaluation keywords in the title – limited, light show, like the same paragraph, tall, below me yiyidaolai.

First of all, and with limited cheshen. Frogskins the glasses were designed in 1985, which confirms the rise of popular culture of that time and is the favorite of artists and young artists. Big O official website said, “Frogskins is now available in its exclusive limited form.”. Each quarter of the same color only 3000 in the key retail channels as a collector’s edition of the implementation, once sold out, that is out of print,

also proved its descent and origin. This test is cheshen Rossi with shape, absolute light show. The following is a physical map:

It can be seen that the product workmanship is very fine, no rough places, printing lettering are clear and tidy. The so-called Frogskins, obviously refers to this color glasses bold, beyond barriers. But it was a mug shot that caused the spectacle and my style to be out of play, which was discussed in the later part of the review. Fortunately, the lenses and mirror feet of almost all products in the big O can be replaced at will and laid the foundation for the future variety of collocation.

A cheshen bag on a final signature. I say the product of tall technology (limited to testing means, I only do the transmittance and distortion of ultraviolet and blue light test is lacking, but I believe that the great O in this technology is not playing the lip-service)

The first is transmittance (all pictures are iPhone 4 shots). The picture above is shot through the lens. The picture below is in the state of natural light.

As can be seen, after the lens filter, the overall color slants green, physical details are very clear, very suitable for travel in such clear weather. The cartridge is marked with a filter level and a filter type. The filtration level of large O products ranges from 1-4 to for different weather and light conditions. The types of filtration are divided into N, P and F, which represent ordinary, polarized and photochromic reactions, respectively. Coating is multifarious, as many as dozens, and this can also see how strong the technical strength of the big O. As you can see, this Frogskins is an ordinary lens with 3 levels of filtration.

The scope and origin of the glasses are clearly stated on the label of the glasses:

Next, let’s take a look at the geometric properties of the big O:

As can be seen from this picture, the lenses are of great curvature and the reflected windows are obviously deformed.

Let’s look through the glasses again: obviously, the straight line seen through the lens has almost no distortion and is flat and vertical. A technology which is O most proud of: no matter how big the curvature of the lens itself, through which to see the scene almost without distortion, which is very important in the movement, the wearer does not need time to adapt, will not bring the other lens on the dizziness after the consequences.
Finally, this product lens coating is very bright, I can not fully hold live, I hope the future test products can also have a certain personalized choice. The following is a photo of wear.

Sum up:

The advantages of this Oakleyfrogskins sunglasses are: bright, limited, high technology (light weight, light transmittance control, minimal distortion, anti UVA/UVB/ blue light)
But the appearance of the product is also its shortcomings, not suitable for aesthetic preference, more low-key crowd. In addition, users may not be suitable for round faces.

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