Custom Oakley myopia glasses

After wearing the feeling that Jay Chou is the pet phrase, “X burst. The first is the non clip design, so mom doesn’t have to worry about my long eyelashes anymore. Second is the perfect center view and edge view. You know you’re squinting to pull the booger.

Then I made a very customized custom OAKLEY frame, RACINGJACKET. RACING JACKET is improved here on the basis of JAWBONE, so the lenses of JAWBONE and RACING JACKET can be completely interchanged. Finally, I found quite satisfactory riding glasses.

I Tucao two orders in the official website of the U.S. OAKLEY above, but cut single, is used in Calgary Chinese transport address. I don’t know whether to chop the country card or chop the forwarding address. Finally, only with Taobao purchasing.

Below is the unpacking (pseudo) of RACING JACKET custom

Did you see the outer packing custom? Box accessories – Interchangeable signs, which appear in the back of the body. The bag is custom proprietary
But this article should not end here.

I’d like to talk about the design of OAKLEY. Why is it such a cock blow?.

I’ve made it clear before I built the clip, and the advantages and disadvantages are there. Well, there are many other designs on the market. First of all, a lot of car drivers use an outside clip, and I don’t think about that because it’s not riding glasses at all. The second kind is an additional flip top, and the brand of this kind of design is familiar with 720 of Taiwan brand in the domestic market. I’ve tried it too, and my assessment is that the lenses are removed by pushing the lenses out a little bit. But the extra sun frames cause the overall quality of the center to stay out of focus and wear less. When you turn around, your glasses will swing. This is also evident in some of the flip styles of RUDY.

How does OAKLEY solve this problem? First picture

Asian yellow eye socket is relatively flat, and the white man’s eye. That is to say as a pair of glasses in the yellow and white face, the lens into the eyes of the distance is not the same, the yellow man is near. So, before the RUDY clip type design, if you wear white face, certainly won’t have mascara brush lens case. And I also asked our foreigner to try it on, confirming this. Well, OAKLEY simply said, “give you a pair of high nose pads. Is that all right?” SO… The problem has been solved. Because in fact, there is not much difference, and 3-4 mm will not be able to mascara brush lenses.

Come back and talk about the special point of this kind of film. The lenses are simple in principle, convex lenses (hyperopia) perpendicular to the visual plane, or concave lenses (nearsightedness), plus columns parallel to the visual plane (San Guang). This kind of lens is easy to be machined on the surface, that is, the ordinary film we wear at the moment. But here comes the problem. Most of the glasses are curved, and they are non-circular curves. I am not a professional optical personnel, unable to explain the specific technical difficulties. At present, only RUDY and OAKLEY have successfully solved how to make far sightedness degree and astigmatism in this large arc film, and successfully promoted this product. Professionals are welcome to correct me.

OAKLEY this product NB point is that the previous design is the sun lenses and vision correction lenses are separated, or first, the sun lenses, visual acuity lenses are added later. The design is the sun lens and vision correction lens two in one, the overall design is better. Products are naturally more compact. The feeling of use is naturally higher.

So, holding the “fine (not) beneficial (broken)” (CHOP), “fine” (hand) attitude, there is no better?

Not yet. There are similar products, RUDY also has a design similar to OAKLEY, in the RUDY website can find several kinds of RX, RX-INTERCHANGEABLE is similar to OAKLEY, RX-INSERT is the kind I used before, and RX-FLIP…… So I’d like to try RX-INTERCHANGEABLE… I just hope the stock goes up a little bit more.

And finally, we encourage each other.

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