Locomotive man summer – OAKLEY Frogskins

From the last few hours evaluatingsubmition also left, embarrassed, severe procrastinators really vulnerable…

Go forward with great strength and vigour 630 public test has been in the past 1 months, the first application of the public test items is OAKLEY Frogskins car king Rossi the same paragraph, very lucky was drawn, and only the glasses I fetched his evaluation (other successful applicants to the evaluation of the queen)

OAKLEY is well known for big ski enthusiasts, especially the goggles do very good, and has a number of patented optical glasses, the appearance of color in the industry is in “coquettish” to burst and well-known, far and near. But for me, the biggest part of this spectacle is the car king Rossi limited…

Many students may have heard legends Valentino Rossi, simply born the 79 year Italy province talented riders, as in motorcycle racing and F1 racing Michael Schumacher, you can click on the Wikipedia science under specific
What is the Queen’s receipt, the way to help me take the box according to other, consider the evaluation of the buddy has a very detailed pictures of details of the plan, I will not use changqiangduanbao to remake (in fact, Luzhu photography has been queen batch to slag…)

Simple unpacking

The classic black minimalist packaging, the FrogSkins Series in capital, is also a very popular fashion series of the year before.

Packing that catches the eye is very sunny bag, don’t underestimate it, dustproof glasses clean electrostatic bag official is very convenient, dirty glasses directly with clean water and then wipe the bag under.

The bag is on the back of car king Rossi’s signature, although I cannot read this English or Italian, embarrassed.

Finally appeared one yellow coating of Beijing in recent years a very eye-catching.

The Queen’s hand, friendship, photographed, and carefully look, you can see that the coating mirror surface can be used as a mirror, reflecting the ceiling chandelier. And the curvature of the mirror is relatively high, the actual observation of the effect is similar to the fisheye effect, but the wearer is not aware of this change, thanks to the surface coating technology.

From the user’s point of view, the lens is dark brown, and the inside of the right mirror leg is inscribed with VR 46. VR is the abbreviation of Rossi’s English name VALENTINO ROSSI, and No. 46 is the number of its World Championship.

The outside of the mirror leg is rainbow colored OAKLEY with 5 bright stars…

Material analysis? Gravimetric analysis? Please refer to the scientist’s evaluation directly, and then I will not repeat it…

Actual use

1, driving to work in the morning, after wearing the vision is very clear, at 30 + + direct sunlight, the slightest can not feel any glare
2 the longest time to wear 4 hours + no discomfort, and after picking off the nose there is no mark (which is very important), thanks to its very light weight and material.
3, compared to the RayBan and Vans Sunglasses I used before, OAKLEY is the most comfortable glasses I have ever worn (none of them)
4 degree light show 5 stars, grass root after wearing the overall return rate growth rate of around 127% (there is a statistical science.)
5, this pair of glasses, both men and women (just got hands, the queen is clamoring to requisition), and is very suitable for Asians face, regardless of fat face or face lift, can finish no control, no pressure

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