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First of all, the recent public test activities deeply hurt me, only 55 gold coins at the wallet, I can do only 45 of the blue heaven. Because I did not empty broke, too lazy to write a single sun experience, only a single sun experience or that gold can change and do shopping card. When you got the gold coin, you changed it directly into a shopping card. Now,,,,,, complaining is useless, hurriedly trying a carry off all that one has to fight.

In this hot summer, bathed in the glare of the sun, experts said: UV damage to your eyes, you can not think too much.

Sun my sunglasses.

Before sun, search first sun drying area, most of them are Ray-Ban, and, well, there are some luxury goods.

As a mild / moderate / pseudo outdoor sports enthusiasts vanity pure DS (Kan) can not afford to buy luxury brands, love sports brand of professional, hope that their personal independence of conduct point, so I bought a brand niche point, but from the point of view or more professional reputation.

1. Oakley Women’s Compulsive Sunglasses 72 US knife purchase. O this brand is not introduced.

A very memorable sunglasses. Is my first sea Amoy test the water.

Glasses box big exaggeration. Contrast with a five inch glory.

Prefer this brand. She bought it basically for her daughter-in-law. She wears it right. Right now for my daughter.

But I can’t wear it. Please get ready to buy Oakley sunglasses brothers note, the following lesson is very important:

I’m the standard Mongolian face. Large face, low nose, eyes slightly convex, wooden eyes, the whole face without three-dimensional sense!!!

Put this into the nose, top up sunglasses, mirror structure wide lead lens!!!!!! in the eyes!!!!!

So, if love Oakley, then buy Asian. At the very least adjustable nose holder can buy.

However, since then I was off to buy their own Oakley sunglasses to read!

2.Arnette Alter Ego Sunglasses

6pm buys 17.99 us dollars.

The homepage doesn’t find these sunglasses, Ebay links. It is not recommended to buy such a price.

In 1992, the Arnette brand was established in the United States and named after its founder, Greg Arnet. It is a favorite for water sports, skiing, cross-country motorcycles..

The reason for buying this mirror is that there is no discount for him. The sunglasses have synthetic frames. Of course, the quality of the lens and the feeling of wearing it just now. What’s new is that the glasses box makes me open my eyes.

In addition, made in Italy. Italy sunglasses in the international reputation, and many luxury sunglasses are OEM in Italy.

It’s for daughter-in-law now. Some of the lenses have worn away in Southeast Asia on sandy beaches.

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