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Oakley M2 Outdoor sports glasses

For a long time did not buy equipment, yesterday the temptation and chop hands, although not equipped with the party, but in peacetime is hard work, when the reward must treat myself, just today is 520, let me this single dog received this “gift” too much to handle, is doomed to life by a bicycle for a partner? Pull back so much. First introduced my new partner: “Oakley M2 riding glasses”, is always like to have a pair of Oakley […]

Oakley EVZero Path Prizm Road Sport Sunglasses

Has been to hypnotize yourself, in order to run, need a pair of sunglasses, so the past few months began to pay attention to the news of Decathlon glasses, but also can run, but everyone said Oakley does the face look good, there is not much choice. If you ride, you can also look at Rudy and so on, anyway, I am currently running mainly, just watch Oakley is good. 618, in fact, there are a lot of good prices, […]

The new equipment: Oakley goggles

Went to a year of Thanksgiving holiday, on the north of the train, the beginning to go skiing. The end of last year, sold a few, bought a lot of finishing the afternoon skiing, and finishing writing, I hope to have the value of some inspiration, also hope that this year’s winter fun to skate The snow mirror is the choice of the reference this article “tiangongwu: Oakley Prizm – Flight Deck – the first stop bomb: Prizm”, due to […]

Oakley Chamler MNP

God: Aunt coupons can get glasses network Oakley Chamler MNP A+, Essilor glasses experience. Recently available optical network 10th anniversary big promotion (forgive me for 10 years have never heard of this website), by pushing the bombing, and I saw this. The domestic Oakley Oakley OX8089 Glasses + Essilor 1.552 aspherical diamond crystal A+ resin lenses 469 yuan shipping (with coupons). Oakley frames, with new Essilor lenses, ticket price, available optical network is currently priced at 369 yuan, one can […]

oakley frogskins VR46 Testing experience

Feel, look, feel like the Ray-Ban traveler series? Three, test contrast As the main function of sunglasses or from bright light to protect the eyes, but a pair of sunglasses price ten yuan to thousands of yuan, there are few articles about the experience of buying sunglasses in the box, interested can go to look at. Overall, there is no discomfort to wear, the official website described as: O MATTER memory plastic frame, light weight, durable, very comfortable to wear […]

Oakley Garage Rock Round

On Friday, just after a week-long trip to Taiwan, due to the requirements of LD, please leave to accompany her to go to the honeymoon this should go a road in Taiwan, enjoy the local customs and practices at the same time, he was also quoted the shopping group deep remorse! 8 days, 7 nights, 2 shopping spots a day, it’s a bit too much. Well, I’m very rational with LD, and I don’t spend much money on anything but […]

Sports Sunglasses: Red highway lenses

Classic large O frameless sunglasses, Prizm lenses, wide vision, comfortable to wear ~! OAKLEY is a famous American Oakley sunglasses brand, trademark is a big O, multifunctional Sunglasses’s specially designed for various kinds of sports people, is a series of great science fiction style such as MEDUSA, THUMP, RACING, JACKET etc. the most distinctive glasses. Both in the CSI crime scene, in the Olympics, as well as cross-country, surfing and other events, you can see a variety of big O […]

Foreign glasses or sunglasses brand

Myopic glasses or sunglasses? Myopia glasses recommend Oakley, global No.1 sports glasses brand, do short-sighted glasses is also good, and then Rayban The sun glasses choice more, Oakley/Rayban has to do, the major luxury brands have to do, Prada, Chanel and so on, this is about to see your own love, and luxury brands are authorized, most of them are Luxottica, from design to manufacturing to sales The role of myopia glasses is to correct vision, you can clearly see […]