Oakley army version SI Tactical Attack Gloves

Essential gloves for military fans

Tags: classic high-end

Category: outdoor gloves brand: Oakley/

Worth buying 8

recommend strongly

Length of use: 1 years, -5 years

Outdoor enthusiasts, military fans must;


Look cool, wear lightweight, strong wear resistance, better protection of hand joints;


No wind, poor heat retention;


Oakley as a well-known outdoor brands, partly because of its cooperation with the United States military, SI tactical gloves is a classic case of Oakley and military cooperation, the original purchase of this glove is because see US Marines with Oakley SI tactical gloves in the Middle East battlefield invariably in the film, but also the local application of carbon fiber material to crack the window, suddenly feel very magical; in fact it does not have the function of warm gloves but the gloves at the joint set of carbon fiber materials can effectively protect the joints of hand, love outdoor friends into a hand, after all, can do the special protection gloves are rarely seen in the outdoor brand;

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