Oakley black technology? Prizm lenses measured hand

Perhaps the reason is enlightenment books, other equipment bought assorted but until graduation work without a decent cycling glasses, because before the competition prize of the glasses with uncomfortable glasses has been so in the not the effect, this review also lasted seven months, saw the introduction of Oakley Prizm lens mood.according. The thinking of buying a further extension of the casually with it, but expensive than Taobao and Taobao Jingdong Jingdong than chaos, let LZ have delayed the reasons happened to catch up with the Jingdong sent Zhang godling inexplicable coupons, calculated Oakley even as long as more than 600, and the Prizm lens plus, so the HK.?? LZ raised a huge question mark in his mind. Curiosity started, and the knife fell and chopped his hand.

Let’s start with a dummy box

With two nose pads, can you tell which Asian or European?

Here is the dry section: divided into three scenes

1. sky background
You can see that the Prizm lens has no glare, the picture is pure, the details are much better than the naked eye, and it can achieve the contrast effect of propaganda
Look at the larger picture, the track line of a lot more details, so it seems with this flying drones is also a good choice.

2. roof
Because the roof is more dazzling, this part of the Ray-Ban polarized contrast is added to eliminate the effect of pure lens dimming
As can be seen, wearing glasses is not very different, so the following emphasis on comparison of two shades of detail
You can see the same Sunglasses below the small stones on the gully Oukelibi Ray-Ban more obvious fluctuation

3. pavement effect
Finally to their own part, we chose the road side light and backlighting two, along the little light the general problem not measured, the red box is selected amplification region

This part of the Ray-Ban Oakley difference does not seem particularly large.

This part of Oukelibi Ray-Ban subjectively better, objectively it seems almost.

In the cluttered scene, the strengths of the Prizm lenses begin to show, and although they appear darker, the edges of the weeds are clearer.

You can see because of the ISO, the picture is very dirty, but Oakley’s advantage is quite obvious, stone on the fringes are more obvious, and the light shading contrast more conspicuous, reflected in the riding is obscure and the backlight conditions are more likely to be found, so as to ensure safe riding.

Taking advantage of the weekend finally put a review took so long to make up, from the actual performance of the Prizm lens, known as Oakley developed the technology for ten years does have its originality. Although from the perspective of the cost of production may be a different color plastic film and coating, but the cost of research and the use effect of its contents can not be ignored, so, although there are Prizm glasses to your two hundred or three hundred piece than the same products but no, or use up a lot.

To sum up, the Prizm lenses are indeed good. It is recommended to buy sports glasses first.

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