Oakley Chamler MNP

God: Aunt coupons can get glasses network Oakley Chamler MNP A+, Essilor glasses experience.

Recently available optical network 10th anniversary big promotion (forgive me for 10 years have never heard of this website), by pushing the bombing, and I saw this.

The domestic Oakley Oakley OX8089 Glasses + Essilor 1.552 aspherical diamond crystal A+ resin lenses 469 yuan shipping (with coupons). Oakley frames, with new Essilor lenses, ticket price, available optical network is currently priced at 369 yuan, one can choose Yishilu 1.552 aspherical diamond crystal A+ resin lenses, now a 50 percent off promotion lenses of 160 yuan shipping, a total of 529 yuan, you can also use the full 500 minus 60 yuan coupons “PS60”, paid 469 yuan shipping, a new low, need to consider the value of friends. OAKLEY is a famous American Oakley sunglasses brand value 22 24 64 comments to buy for details.

This price is inviting, plus aunt welfare ticket body

Absolutely good price, but unfortunately, I have been reluctant to sign in, the level is not enough, less than 599-300 of the coupons, I feel 1 hundred million loss.

Oakley is a familiar sign for students who love sports, but usually they buy O sunglasses or Polaroid glasses. Myopia is rare, but also ordinarily should not be poor, myopia O home go wind movement, many of which are curved frame, the way of high myopia lens with high requirements, and a sense of vertigo will be relatively strong, so the choice of O compared to the normal of a frame.

369. (the Tmall flagship store is 1000 smaller, 1.67 yo) Yishilu diamond crystal A+ non ball, with aunt -200 volumes, a total of 650, is quite cost-effective.

Oakley OX8089 CHAMFER MNP Oakley blade light spectacle frame moving optical mirror 1008 yuan to buy Tmall collection.

It is worth mentioning that, after ordering, received a customer service phone (at this time is already 9 p.m.), with my two confirmed optometry parameters, or quite responsible.

The glasses will take several days, originally thought to catch the big promotion will be slower, actually it was 4 days received notice of shipment.

This is all in the package, 2 Oakley boxes, the original packing of the lenses, and 3 replaceable nose pads.

Sure enough, it’s made in China

The model of the picture frame is OX8089, Chamler MNP. O, these are a lot of high, not very clear, MNP seems to indicate that this approach closer to the style of ordinary glasses.

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