Oakley EVZero Path Prizm Road Sport Sunglasses

Has been to hypnotize yourself, in order to run, need a pair of sunglasses, so the past few months began to pay attention to the news of Decathlon glasses, but also can run, but everyone said Oakley does the face look good, there is not much choice.

If you ride, you can also look at Rudy and so on, anyway, I am currently running mainly, just watch Oakley is good. 618, in fact, there are a lot of good prices, I actually had locked a single
But check, Pitch should be site series, although can use, but always feel worse, so a little bit better than Path series covering a larger area, styling is also more sharp point.

And since the buy, also want to buy a new technology with Prizm experience (in fact 618 I saw another Prizm Golf deals, but taking into account the golf optimization, and finally did not start, or want to hand underground road running series, also can be compatible with riding)

Exterior display

A full set of cartons, hard glasses box, glasses cloth, instructions warranty, useless product registration card, as well as Lu Xun ladder card tag, one by one Asian Version, a European version of the whole set of neat live.

What’s this coding inside the box for?

There will be specific models, colors, and lens techniques to be used on the sticker. Is the word “A” in brackets “Asian fit” in Asia?

Just take a look at the weight. Indeed, 22 grams, as the propaganda says

The overall shape is a bit sharp, but I have to admire Oakley, in such a sharp shape, really design pretty good

Look at is “stout stout”, but the weight is very light, should be the design without borders saves weight. However, this will lead to the disadvantage of replacing lenses with other lenses such as Radar. In other words, Evzero series or to take good care of a little, and may have to buy several pairs to meet the needs of different scenarios, ah, Oakley this trick really “poison”

Two nose support, with its relatively thick, bridge nose position is relatively high. Spare is relatively thin, the nose bridge position is relatively low. Personally feel that the default comes with the European version of the nose, ah, the backup is the Asian Version, but I instead wear the European version of the more appropriate

The joints were carefully worked, but I didn’t see the screws It seems to be fixed with a mortise and tenon structure There are two “clicks” feedback when opening the mirror leg

The value of an oval standard, after all, faith recharge……

Look at the main parts of the lenses, shades, red, and Prizm laser marks below. On the mirror there is a small Prizm Road stickers, stickers are electrostatic adsorption, so take off when there will be no glue, etc., sticky on the lens difficult to clean or cause damage, this is still relatively friendly and intimate. The main thing is to buy this lens. In fact, the visual is a pink, the color must be accurate and can not be begged, I do not know all sunglasses are like this?

…… But the contrast and edge details are a bit better

There are Oakley signs on the inside of the antiskid mirror legs, and also the model codes of the products

Use perception

Not too complex use of feeling, after all, in fact, many people in front of a more specific comparison, evaluation and so on. I also just send in Z affordable buy affordable feel. Over six hundred buy this price I think is worth (of course, Decathlon has 199 color lenses, is 22 grams)

Glasses, apart from functional, are important. The same thing, after all. Good looking is also important. So don’t talk nonsense, get on the reality show

Not enough? Come on, all over. I am looking for a hard UNIQLO fitting room.

His pictures show short legs… After all, it’s shot from top to bottom…. If there is a lovely girl, paper to take pictures (of course, I will help girls take pictures of paper), boy paper, what, give me the fuck!

Worth, look at the individual, the same field added a Decathlon (30 yuan to buy the original price seems to be 79?) City glasses are good. Now it seems to be off the shelf, this now only with the original price of polarized light 149, preferential to 99

In fact, it is not too heavy, Decathlon’s OK conscience. Besides, the optical performance is not too bad. At least it’s better than dozens of toys.

But my friends say I don’t really have Oakley. In fact, is also a classic shape, and many brands have the same paragraph. After all, there are several times the difference with Oakley ah……

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