oakley evzero path sunglasses red

oakley evzero path, sunglasses, red (infrared)

Life is all recently jumped into the pit, and cross-country pit, only 50 km to Wulong for the first time attending the cross-country run, I also entered Wei Zong’s Zhangye 100 km men, strength is not enough for the equipment! This is not, see ZDM push, can not help it……

Source text: oakley2016 released in April evzero new series of sports glasses, using frameless design, known as reducing the weight of 15%. Orders direct mail, 80 Europe, transportation taxes and fees 18 Europe, hand about 720.

Jingdong raised 899 with the same section, but also 45 days. The official website of Tmall 1100, Taobao price of more than 900 black yy| 7 comments 10 Collection 6 to buy for details.

Up to now posting, I see there is a good price yo, to start fast Oakley Evzero Path Sunglasses.

Do not say much nonsense, self direct mail properly started. The box is a sense of science and technology, the eye in the sky?

It is necessary to protect glasses with inner bladder. Soft pockets, glasses, spare nose pads, nothing else.

Except for Sao, I just want to say, it’s really too coquettish! Pretend to be a weapon!

Of course, the advantage of ZERO is more than a show, light is the key, light weight 22 grams!

Look at the size of it, for the face, such as me

Too much light face acne, allow me to use the beauty of the camera is mainly used to see on the face as.

I believe everyone has pictures from nausea, then I will send a Paoyou photos I took. (please respect the appearance personnel and pay attention to civilized expressions.)

Taobao prices also have cheaper, but still do not buy cheap, Amazon self fidelity.

The content of science and technology on the ZERO I will not repeat them here, because of the abolition of the frame beam, light weight a lot, first with the Oakley sunglasses movement, feeling the fit is very good, the size is also suitable for cross-country running through the woods, in the way can also play a protective role, to say the price is still a little feeling expensive, there is a degree of wear-resistant resin lens has yet to be tested.
Simple sun alone to this end, the fate of Zhangye see.

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