Oakley Evzero Path sunglasses

A really expensive piece of plastic, the Italian version

Simple unpacking

Always wanted to buy a good pair of sunglasses, mainly used for cross-country running and cycling, for a long time, found that the risk of cross-country running still exists, there is a downhill was almost didn’t notice a small bamboo inserted blind eyes, back after going to put this as a warning for the future, wish to equipment, choose this model is look at the introduction of the Internet, the glasses is known as known as the history of the light weight Oakly, only 4 A4 pages so heavy, a traditional European design, more suitable for the Asian face, mirror arc becomes small, the overall width becomes larger, the EVZERO PATH through three point fitting and non slip rubber to ensure wear stability. And the price is pretty impressive.

It’s within the accepted range:

Price found within this site:

Oakley Evzero Path 82.9+ at Oakley were riding glasses including tax 15.93 (about $740) worth of direct mail friends broke the original: the new evzero series sports glasses oakley2016 released in April, with no frame design, which reduced the weight of 15%. Orders direct mail, 80 Europe, transportation taxes and fees 18 Europe, hand about 720. Jingdong raised 899 with the same section, but also 45 days. The official website of Tmall 1100, Taobao price of more than 900 black yy| 7 comments 10 Collection 6 to buy for details.

Zhangye is the first 100 Oakley Evzero Path Oakley sunglasses of life is all recently jumped into the pit, the pit was trailrunning, attended the 50 km cross-country race in Wulong for the first time, I also entered Wei Zong’s Zhangye 100 km men, strength is not enough for the equipment! This is not, see ZDM push, can not help it…… Oakley EvzeroPath Oakley EvzeroPath Oakley riding glasses Oakley riding glasses… Like 11 | Xiangxiang bones 28 comments 26 see details.

I click on the link to go look at the time, blue is 81.89 euro, plus freight and taxes totaling 97.88 euros, equivalent to RMB 758 yuan. Direct mail, the price is also cheaper than the Taobao more than 200, the key is guaranteed to be authentic, with the value of friends recommended price is almost the same, riding cross-country race can be used decisively start, this is the first single in the Amazon in Italy, if not be direct mail, or too expensive it would not consider the estimation.

The estimated time of arrival faster than I thought, actually only 15 days, glasses arrived, wait for the sun, O said it was in the eyes of the NO1 sunglasses, just like outdoor bird clothes, remove the packing time is still very happy.

In fact, the hands on a simple paper box, weight is not heavy, after all, is the lightest amount of glasses, you can understand.

After opening, the inside is glasses box, there are brochures, a small card, a small replacement nose rack, a soft sleeve, and nothing else, the manual has Chinese, in fact, written warranty content, very simple.

The glasses are blue, silver and white frame, blue is their love color, feel pretty, though later put a force on the look in the mirror, feel ugly, no way, people can not blame the social reality so ugly beast or forget.

Look at the nose cushion here can replace what is, in fact, a small nose, two tip of the buckle frame can be inserted into the groove, respectively, two soft sleeve, so be careful when you replace, do not mess, may tear or break the soft frame, of course, according to Klee’s name and work. This fear may also be unfounded.

The actual weight of the upper scale is shown in fig.

The shading effect is very strong, wearing a feeling outside the dazzling sun seems instantly become dim as sunscreen wear glasses can casually in outside waves ~ ~ because HD coated lens glasses can be said that this configuration of the PRIZM spectrum Ruizhi technology can provide a UV filter lens, and for comparing the overall degree of light environment re optimization, a little exaggeration to say is: popular to say you wear is not a simple sports glasses but with a PS curve automatic optimization function of computer. Computer, um… You… On his nose is more than 700 pieces of plastic sheets but more than 700 pieces of money a computer, think so, the feeling is not so expensive.

The sun single ended, the glasses are introduced, which can be reference for evaluation of the major sites, can obtain the good price this by Zhang aunt, and also try the Amazon in Italy said the first single, very happy.

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