oakley frogskins VR46 Testing experience

Feel, look, feel like the Ray-Ban traveler series?

Three, test contrast

As the main function of sunglasses or from bright light to protect the eyes, but a pair of sunglasses price ten yuan to thousands of yuan, there are few articles about the experience of buying sunglasses in the box, interested can go to look at.
Overall, there is no discomfort to wear, the official website described as: O MATTER memory plastic frame, light weight, durable, very comfortable to wear throughout the day. Three point fitted frame, comfortable to wear and excellent in performance, enables lenses to maintain precise optical collimation.

But how heavy is the sunglasses? 22.88g

5 gross weight 3.78g, if you still don’t know, you can put a few 5 hair on your face.

The sunglasses to wear more comfortable or not, chuck, can even set out on my glasses, but this wear will have a problem, such as wearing glasses and eyes of the distance becomes larger, sometimes formed in the inner side of the reflective glasses lenses, a bit like the mirror display screen feeling, and the wind effect will be discounted, not wearing glasses would be much better.

The inside view of the lens is still a little affecting the sight, so it’s better to prepare a pair of contact lenses.
When it comes to cheshen Rossi, I really don’t know why, but the box is not the same? Is it because it’s mass production?
If you just bought sunglasses because of the bright lights, you can’t tell your girlfriend that you don’t have Rossi, but first you need to have a girlfriend.

Four, sum up

To tell the truth before applying this public test I don’t know what Oakley is a sign (I really Village), so it is specially added in front of a brand (if a village can also see the popularity of it, because what the position for) the cause of myopia is the basic farewell Sunglasses apply for public test, success is contrary to expectation, but since there is this opportunity that must cherish the good intention to write.

For the Frogskins series of sunglasses, as a pair of sunglasses is certainly qualified, the product positioning and Ray-Ban fashion leisure is more different outdoor sports, the design is in favor of bright, Sao (feeling compared to Ray-Ban’s design some Mensao).

The advantages.

1, the appearance of bright Sao, a high rate of return, but also interchangeable lenses and lenses, oakley frogskins VR46 you can combine their own want to match;
2, wear comfortable, this is very important, but with the size of the head is also related;
3, lenses waterproof, although only outside, but I do not know other brands are not the same;
4, it seems really gone.

* disadvantages

1, packaging simple, although do not expect China characteristics made the box, but even a Ray-Ban as the package is not not justified? And some of their own models of glasses there, but basically all big black thick, okay, I can understand that the brand positioning is not the same;
2, the price of floating large, some sections of certain sites when the special price is very cheap,oakley frogskins VR46 if you buy the original price…… ;
3, the lens edge is not very good, rub, sticky gray is obvious;
4, lenses, legs can be removed, but there is no explanation.

For the crowd.

Like bright lights, no money or Hui Haitao.

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