Oakley Garage Rock Round

On Friday, just after a week-long trip to Taiwan, due to the requirements of LD, please leave to accompany her to go to the honeymoon this should go a road in Taiwan, enjoy the local customs and practices at the same time, he was also quoted the shopping group deep remorse! 8 days, 7 nights, 2 shopping spots a day, it’s a bit too much. Well, I’m very rational with LD, and I don’t spend much money on anything but food.

When the last second days in Taipei, our tour guide said you can go to the duty-free shop, after listening to or a little happy, because 11 years went to Hongkong when the line is free, there is no arrangement to the duty-free shops, have a chance to see how cheap things inside.

As a senior ZDMer, go find a lot of things than your way then Haitao, advised LD to buy less. When I went to the glasses counter, I suddenly heard that I had 50 percent off glasses, so I went to see them out of curiosity,
Found a piece of Oakley Garage Rock Round polarized sunglasses, forget about yourself, about RMB 640, thought home a pair of Oakley amazing in 1000+ and not polarized light, this price can start it, so I took the card.

See the price, or can, without loss. And I really like this brand, July is really a bumper harvest of sunglasses, Ray-Ban first hand, after the Oakley, my life is perfect!

Talking a lot of crap, let me show you the sunglasses!

The appearance of our cartons to be bigger than Ray-Ban, which is open after these things, glasses bag texture is very nice to say.

Origin: USA, polarized light mark on the lens

As compared with Ray-Ban, simply say, ah, the feelings of both wear it.

First of all, is the leg, Ray-Ban is fine for me, such a big face of the people, a little, a bit slippery after sweating, facial hard words have slide, Oakley has no such feeling, or should the friction coefficient.

Secondly, the lens size, Ray-Ban 58mm, Oakley 55mm. But the actual wear eye of Oakley is better than Ray-Ban, it may keep abreast of relevant degree.

Finally, the material, weight, Ray-Ban is metal material, a little heavier, Oakley is plastic, very light, and feel good.

Summary, individuals tend to like Oakley this, I feel out of the more suitable for my style, perhaps Ray-Ban to 62mm to wear my temperament.

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