Oakley GasCan Tough Guy Sunglasses aftermarket Report

There is no denying the fact that it was the three public test commodity I hope, I like to ride a bike, always want to have a cool sunglasses, but as an atypical sweat, glasses for me, is a consumable, as a careless, glasses and often Huhututu especially those who take wings to itself. Expensive, particularly bad, 08 years had a pair of nearly three hundred yuan, is just to send my wife, the ride after feeling very tired, fell in the corridor, do not underestimate this three hundred yuan of glasses, lady just work, salary is only more than 1000, I have no income, no how uncomfortable, though not what international brands, scouring the sea for 13 years a sweat corrosion several sets of lenses, then buried in the high temperature exposure just bought cars, completely into a pool of mud.

I wonder if I can apply for a successful test on these glasses, Oakley, GasCan, sunglasses, which I used to like:

But now the car more, there is a pair of excellent performance and cool sunglasses are good, that is the next evaluation light show, I Mensao person is not suitable for.

Not long after the fresh, found a problem, that is, between the mirror legs and frames open and close, there will be a piercing sound of friction, it seems that the mirror leg connection is too long At first, the problem was not clear, and more than once, it was found that the plastic that had been worn at the joint of the mirror leg would have turned white, and the white powder would have fallen off. This is called stress whitening.

What is not a serious problem, but felt very uncomfortable, if I buy this commodity, find it less like each opening and closing end point what, out of some white powder, shrill voice, I would be very unhappy.

Pretty cool glasses, worried about their hold, not hold can live.

So I will be positive and smzdm and Oakley Chinese made contact, what is worth buying small soon follow it in the mail, no contact after a message sent to Oakley, evaluation of No. 31 due date is coming, I will be in no hurry? So we call them directly to the ground. The phone’s little brother quite occupation, immediately put things to ask, and then transferred to the more professional people, the eldest brother asked that I was from what channels to the glasses, I am proud that this is smzdm public test of goods, we will give the evaluation report to the web network friends play oh! @! ~ @! #! The other said, first understand the situation, will soon contact me. That time, smzdm is also actively asking about the issue of glasses, I believe that small groups in this matter is still very heart.

Another day, time flies, I dial the customer service phone Oakley, big brother little brother said on a business trip, I will let him reply me, this reply quickly, brother let me glasses the problem of the pictures sent his mailbox, the eldest brother is nice, said that if there is a problem then, they will buy a new pair to me. We chatted, from Oakley’s corporate culture, comes from this competition, driving the sun glasses, about my slobber Oakley riding glasses for many years, he sent for the direct glasses. He also revealed that the future will be for smzdm users offer special buy, I wonder if there will be no more riding glasses of the test?

It was Friday, the weekend again, and next Friday was the deadline for testing. The only thing I could do was take a good picture and even give him an open video.

In general, the parties to the public test, on their own products are very seriously, before the truth has not been identified, we are responsible for looking for solutions, which is very worthy of praise.

Take a weekend trip to the park with your son, and test the product under the latest intense ultraviolet rays in Guangdong.

The light relief effect of the glasses is obvious. It is suitable for wearing in bright sunlight. If you walk home, you may stumble over something, because it’s really dark.

The above two pictures, one is separated by glasses, one is under natural light, the former reduced by ten files.

Summary: This glasses detail is in place, as a tough subject driving sunglasses, Cukuang in a little rough, all components are clearly marked, the United States, for the European population, some short leg, a little bit chuck, but leg pressure is small, flat plate feel good, matte material, no greasy feeling when sweating.

Proposal: if it is polarized, just fine, polarization is not this price.

I hope more activities promotions, Lin Dan endorsement, but no advertising, activities, only in the circle of friends in high awareness, riding friends are cock wire, few people can afford.

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