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Essilor lenses, do not know is not handed over to the official Essilor processing

Take out all the things in the box. That’s all. Here’s a look at everything

The original glasses box is very beautiful, but very small, but the glasses box this thing, the basic is to buy back in time, will never need.

This is an extra Vintage glasses case. It’s interesting. The case is made of aluminum. It’s very nice as an ornament.

It has a lot of room and can put a lot of things in it.

The glass body, in addition to the intermediate certificate hanging glasses can be fragile stickers, writing above tore up the rebate does not change, this is a little kid myself ah, this is not opened. Eyes or traditional black frame, unlike O home sports glasses so exaggerated.

Slightly microstrip, a little radian, the red and black color of LOGO, very coquettish

Leg inward degree of official propaganda has 3 lamination, but look at the other seems to be nothing special.

Hinges are more traditional, not CROSSLINK, which can replace the design of the mirror legs.

The place where the contact between the legs and the face is made of rubber, which is officially known as hydrophilic anti-skid rubber, does not slip even when sweating. But I don’t know if it’s hydrophilic, but I’m sure it’s very close and grey.

The mirror legs were made of O MATTER memory, but it seemed nothing special to touch. The model of the frame is printed on it.

The special feature of this lens is the replaceable nose rest, which is the main reason why I choose this kind of glasses. The nose pads of these black rimmed glasses are often uncomfortable because they are not adjustable. In addition, my nose is not so good, so basically not in the visual center of glasses, but also old sliding down, pressure cheekbone.

With 4 nose pads, the official standard nose bridge, high / low nose bridge and narrow nose bridge. But the nose does not seem to be any special material, I do not know whether it will slip after sweating.

There is also a need for Tucao is, this nasal tray really TMD difficult to install ah.

Finally, the scale, and even the lens 30g, because the degree is relatively high, and reluctant to use 1.7 of the lens, so this is not possible, the frame itself is very light.

This is love, but also from his Aunt Zhang here 99 pieces of RayBan frame, the nose support completely is not suitable for Asians, must put ugly nose for silica gel.

There was a bruise on the handle of the handle, which only allowed him to retire. Unfortunately, my Zeiss lenses..

This is new love, but the style difference is quite big.

Final summary:

Advantages: exquisite workmanship, comfortable wearing, can be replaced by the nose to solve my big problem.
Disadvantages: nasal tray installation difficulty MAX, the design can not see what is special.

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