Oakley M2 Outdoor sports glasses

Oakley M2 Outdoor sports glasses

For a long time did not buy equipment, yesterday the temptation and chop hands, although not equipped with the party, but in peacetime is hard work, when the reward must treat myself, just today is 520, let me this single dog received this “gift” too much to handle, is doomed to life by a bicycle for a partner?

Pull back so much. First introduced my new partner: “Oakley M2 riding glasses”, is always like to have a pair of Oakley glasses, but shy sac can be prohibitive, although M2 is usually also the price of 500+, but for me is a luxury, a beautiful ride around Tesco yesterday, see M2 it dropped to 399 yuan, in a treasure, the uncertainty can guarantee the genuine case of M2 500+, which can endure? Decisive order to buy. Before also often ride in the United States easy to buy equipment, so it is still more assured, not to mention the United States or riding the net mall, what quality problems can certainly help solve.

Because the ride in Guangzhou, I was in Shenzhen yesterday, so today was sent to the order, but also the beginning of fear on glasses quality, what’s the problem, but after the receipt of goods to dispel my concerns, first from the outside looking in.

Relatively simple box, may be this relatively cheap glasses, cost savings.

Declaration on the outer packing.

The box is small, but the specifications, the certificate, the lens installation and so on, one by one.

The glasses are handsome, and they work well.

The logo part of the frame is made of memory plastic, which is not easy to deform, and the weight is relatively light.

The mirror leg is made of unobatanium antiskid rubber wrapped form, Oakley M2 Outdoor sports glasses because it can play an anti slip function because of contact with the face.

Plus large nose, wearing glasses when the bridge of the nose there is no sense of oppression.

Effect of map on the glasses, glasses and face more fit, not loose line, leg part fit the face, shook a few do not have any loose (just be seen by colleagues, I think epilepsy)

Look closely

Please ignore my presence

Success attracted the attention of the company sister paper, wearing it is also beautiful.

To sum up, Oakley M2 riding glasses overall is good, and the workmanship brand is also very good, the comfort of wearing glasses or memory is plastic, easy to deformation, only drawback is a pair of gray lenses, just a UV filter effect and shading can work, relatively monotonous. Overall, the price of more than 300 yuan to buy a pair of high-end sports brand glasses, or good.

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