Oakley Mainline Beanie hat for men

Like the value of friends can pay attention to the next ~ ~ this unit mail bag size 32x8x25cm, size moderate, can be loaded into a notebook computer. The fabric is Cordura1000D high tech waterproof nylon fabric, lightweight, durable and quick drying. The front side storage bag for the placement of daily use items, the residual value of 50 | exacted 39 comments to buy 64 for details.

Feel the price is not expensive, but also heard of little savages this brand, so in accordance with the method of push to 17.17 euros to win, this is the first time in the German Amazon to buy things, feel a bit cannot read in German, and other United States exactly like Amazon account number, shipping address, payment information and so on. General feeling, the Amazon shopping around the world are likely to be the same, so very smooth on the order, from September 6th to October 8th in order to receive the goods, after a month of 02 days of waiting, possibly because of the need to transfer goods because of it, anyway, not urgently, wait a few more to day is nothing, together to buy the bag with my brothers, these days should also have received the package, but also no one Zhang aunt sun, take out to show.

The following from the box began to show a comprehensive package, were all taken with IPHONE 6S, Technology Co., haihan.

German Amazon box facade, with ECMS shipped to China, the domestic use of Qualcomm.

Open the bag with only one plastic buckle and no Velcro.

There is a flat warehouse, my IPAD AIR can easily put into space and surplus, but it only can put down the maximum size of the IPAD PRO, notebook computer feel unbearable.

The main positions in the front there is a zippered bag, you can put some small items.

In front of the bag there is a hidden pocket, you can put some keys, bus cards or something.

Below, bask in some of the Oakley Mainline Beanie hats that were purchased in the US backcountry website some time ago.

Mainline Beanie 11.25 $ Oakley winter cap, opposite sides can be worn, one side is golden yellow, one side is blue green, 100% acrylic material backcountry to buy.

Before the winter wearing a Columbia cap of the same material is a bit small, ears can not be fully wrapped, so ready to buy a larger point, see this price is not expensive, with other commodities come together to buy back Inside label, 100% acrylic fiber, made in China.

Before buying other Oakley hats, there is such an irregular skull tag, I don’t see why it happened like this.

Outside the tag, may be 2013, the original price of 25 knives.

Finally, a self timer with a hat on.

Sum up: 1, small savage this bag material is very thin, very light, should be able to prevent light rain, as a peacetime work or shopping casual bag is good.

2, my head circumference 57 cm, Oakley of this male hat up just two ears to cover, the winter should be no problem.

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