Oakley Men’s GasCan Sunglasses

Hundreds of glasses, just a simple package, chilling ah.

The box has been pressed and deformed, even if it is out of date style, it can’t be treated like this! The bus is also close to the “respect” slogan.

Major manufacturers, is the “Juqi”, originally a simple statement that the patent is not China in the United States, but how the feeling is showing off “brother is regressed, patents are the United States.

HDO logo, High Definition Optics abbreviation, is the core technology of Oakley glasses, through the National Standards Institute of all optical testing. The main feature is that the field of view is clearer and sharper, and there is no image damage; no offset to see each object in the field of vision; can get unparalleled shock protection and 100% of ultraviolet filtering. For more information, please click on China’s official website.

Product Name: GasCan, matt black frame, gray lens. Please note that “3N” sign, 3 represents the color of the lens is dark, suitable for sunny days, N means ordinary lenses, neither polarized light nor photochromic reaction lenses.
Come with plastic bags on the glasses legs.

Plastic feeling is very strong, fortunately there are metal color big O pressure scene, otherwise, really think it was picked up roadside.

This photo highlights the features that are specifically designed for the blind

The opening and closing of the glasses leg is mainly realized by the contact between the plastic and the frame, which is pale in the picture. Therefore, the phenomenon of “aging” appears in just a few times of opening and closing. The left mirror leg labeled “6L” and the right leg labeled “7R”, it is estimated that it is convenient to replace the label used in the mirror leg.

On the left leg, the length of the lens is 60mm, the width of the nose is 15mm, Oakley and the length of the mirror leg is 127mm, especially the “MADE IN USA””. Careful you can also find the mirror legs, the right side of the “GASCAN” bas relief, really great hidden in the north. The end of the mirror leg is not bent to hook the ear, and the head is completely clamped by two mirror legs. It may be because of the plastic frame, long wearing without any discomfort, even running will not loose ~!

Originally, the frame is light, but after the lard face I tried on a mirror, legs appeared bright mimeograph

OK, these are the details of the product. Now let me talk about my glasses. GasCan Tough Guy Sunglasses, for most people, are not valued, but just brands and styles. Born in this impetuous society, I inevitably choose sunglasses in the same way, thus ignoring the real needs of their own. And my choice this time, neither to recognize their needs, and did not choose the right style, just by the big O Meng heart:

1, plastic feeling is too strong, light weight, easy to oil frame, mirror leg opening and closing parts easy aging and loose;

2, with no glasses box, without the use of polarizing technology, so that is the O family of low-end products (this is not nonsense. TM, look at the price that is in the low-end low-end);

3, sunny after wearing good results, blue sky bluer, green trees, light reduction effect is obvious, therefore, only suitable for sunny wear, limitations are too large;

4, stable and comfortable to wear glasses, can be used for sports such as running, but not suitable for riding and frames at the brow — because the gap is big, easy to leak;

5, finally, is It differs from man to man. models, this is not to say, you can see the real beast before public test.

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