oakley sunglasses Asia Edition

The overall appearance of the glasses is good, and the oakley sunglasses Asian version is still more fitting to the Asian face. I wear it with my wife and two people.

The mirror surface is treated with special coating, and the eyes of the user can not be seen from the outside. Whether it is wearing a roadside to see beauty, handsome guy, or go to the beach to shoot some creative photos, are still good.

From the user’s point of view, the performance is excellent even when the outdoor light is intense.

Next, let’s take a look at Flak Jacket 2.

Opening the box, it was obvious that there was more than a box of Frogskins and a nasal tray, and the box had a huge O mark.

The glasses are sporty, and the U design is very attached to the head, and even when running fast, the glasses do not move.

This kind of eye does not have polarized light, if have polarized light, can have the mark of polarized light below the lens below the left, the mirror leg and frogkins also have difference, here is just a O type mark, relatively simple.

As for frontal problems, the Panthers chose Taylor Morton from West Michigan to cheap oakleys supplement them. Morton’s position in the Panther may be more of a defensive front, not sure he will soon play in the form of a cut, but he does have a pretty good pace and has great potential. The third round of selection of Sean hale, in the name of Texas A & M and the other side of the top draft position at military strength appears only about 4-5 round of the stock market, but the Black Panther on the shelf there are better alternatives (such as Derek Rivers) case yet for him but to trade the 20 pick, have that surprised the outside world

On the side of the mirror leg, you can see a FLAK 2 mark.

The red nose is identical to the color of the mirror leg. The vip sunglasses provide an additional set of nose pads, also red. The difference is that the height is different. The user can choose from his face.

The effect of map, wearing a personal feeling, big head and eyebrows like me who wears is actually pretty good, but the sport is quite consistent with my needs.

Wear glasses, or filter out some light, the overall feeling will be red.

That’s all for unpacking. Overall feeling, two glasses are not bad, the price is a little expensive, if the value of friends can catch up with a good time to buy a discount goods, or very cost-effective.

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