Oakley Sunglasses Reflections on

A fan of the Oakley for the JAWBREAKER PRIZM riding glasses to start hearing

No ordinary red film red film label

Perhaps the OAKLEY know his past glasses very good quality? Users buy after not bad will not change even start up (such people can be really many). This iron thought put the sunglasses into consumer goods (to wear out for a new one.) oh little subtly malicious

I said the localization frame so much after JAWBREAKER regret, or to the PRIZM lens a thumbs up, daytime ambient light wear for road condition contrast indeed enhanced, simply means that the terminator is more clear, but also a loss. The relative color details for cycling, really polarized lenses than before the more appropriate, clarity, color effect is still OAKLEY HDO series lenses inevitable advantage, compared to the previous buy Ray-Ban RB3025 both effect and comfort are better than many (maybe just feel that Ray-Ban too no personality)

Another saying is that the recent JAWBREAKER of a domestic treasure (based on genuine price is almost the lowest in the world), as the most expensive sports series PRIZM lens section (or other styles has no corresponding PRIZM lens or not Asian, or price, or four digits) is highly recommended in this paper, after all that money JAWBONE red film polarized, even in the renamed RACING JACKET until after the production, basically maintained at 2XXX yuan price, one of the top cycling glasses style is OAKLEY.

Play the forest road mountain trail that sports sunglasses PRIZM TRAIL lens. Should also quickly enter the home compared to PRIZM ROAD lenses have higher light transmittance rate, more suitable for light limited. The ride, there is an introduction of several reference, presumably when the price will have obvious advantages compared to foreign sea amoy,

PS: although I have no taste for this stuff of sunglasses, hand at most with a small bag, the bag is thrown throw the car threw in his pocket, but JAWBREAKER still don’t have to cherish time point for lens and toss that weak leg. It is easy to damage the lens and frame.

At present, the picture of the leisure section of the OAKLEY Plaintiff replace the Ray-Ban 3025 plug bag commonly used in the day, (the lens is cheap, can not change the flower can not feel distressed, very strong legs of the mirror, the style is also the public) (Squared),

Polarization of the JAWBONE after throwing the car (hey, but also specifically for the selection of the color of the color of the red SIDI, if you want to change the JAWBREAKER into the black and white section)
Finally, the PRIZM JAWBREAKER defeated cycling (with the color of heart and my old 09 BMC TE01 custom frame team match, but haven’t stepped on.)

It also set up a BADMAN blue film polarized Asian Version, but the return, for later verification BADMAN frame has been made. More intolerable and understanding as the official price of $400 in the top X-METAL series, actually abandoned the composite titanium metal material X-METAL to use Aluminum Alloy + to produce plastic frame, back look at the hands of this piece of JAWBREAKER, suddenly ceased to have BADMAN year X-METAL series of expectation and fantasy. Then think of home cook still don’t understand with a bunch of PRADA GUCCI CHANEL technology home and sunglasses, give her a pair of Oakley mass models (rare leisure polarizing mirror, Italy) let her drive at night use, than a pile of things don’t know who is more reliable OEM.

Finally, it is worth mentioning is about the OAKLEY brand, the majority of domestic users do not understand and no contact is mainly because of his unique three point type chuck design (leg straight without ear part) and other, most of the leisure life style is that Europe and the United States head design for Western or Asian. Round head short nose with a very uncomfortable, may the whole spectacle frame in Apple muscle, because these are accompanied by the movement of two pieces of nose, so no problem), the Chinese people for supporting Asian Saiga is very limited, scouring the sea or the major domestic electricity supplier channels have superior price, please scouring the sea and in a treasure to buy the brand casual style must not only look to buy, in addition to foreign sport need to choose the Asian Version (note ASIAN FIT) or / adjustable nose holder can change, lest finally wearing uncomfortable a A decoration.

(fake packaging boxes, OAKLEY sunglasses are basically uniform with rough rough printing. Packing and sealing position nor the glasses exclusive independent model / serial number / bar code stickers, etc.) of genuine packaging sealing a photo, please friends value comparison reference.

Pay attention to the middle of the JAWBREAKER label description, avoid the previously caused countless buyers on the MADE Asia IN CHINA words, Designed and Engineered said the euphemism to by Oakley, USA assembled, in US, meaning that the design and development of OAKLEY company in the United States, (intermediate may be XX factory OEM XX China), finally returned to the United States to complete the assembly (loaded lenses, packing) followed, the frame had great MADE IN USA JAWBREAKER BADMAN MADMAN, in the words, and many domestic OEM products, has ceased to exist.

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