oakley VR46 Limited Edition

I was very confused, do not apply for this pair of glasses, because my hands are really a bit more glasses! But I was afraid that there were too many people behind me, so I lost my gold when the glasses came out! Then I regret it ~ ~ well, since it has been applied, it’s better than nothing.

OAKLEY glasses, I bought two in 6PM, are legendary limited edition, the price is also very close to the people! Well, some time ago, in China’s official website, I saw these two pictures “summer limited edition”, but I just went to the official website to see it! The wood has been found, because the official website has changed!

On the right is summer limited, one of which is wrapped in a plastic case and the left is the box for the product. A push note and a warranty card, 6PM bought back and this sent over the VR46 is the same! But it’s attached to the outer packing of VR46! Interestingļ¼ VR46’s inner pocket. It looks nice! It feels nice. The bag is MIC! This is God’s signature? Summer limited bags, the same texture! Like it! OAKLEY summer limited edition. OAKLEY summer limit two. This one!! OAKLEY color letters on the legs of a mirror!

Limited edition a black letter limited edition two is also black letter big mark one!

Other people have already passed a lot of pictures. I only have cell phones and no cameras, so I’d better shoot less!! Say something else! First of all, the first time to get OAKLEY glasses, feel good plastic! Really, because it is light, there is no other plate glasses that kind of texture. But his family is talking about O MATTER memory plastic frames! Well, no matter how it is, he’s still a plastic, so if you get it, you don’t know the expected texture! But the good thing is, it’s really light. I broke it lightly, and the hardness is acceptable. It’s full of elasticity.

The lens can be disassembled and used with PLUTONITE lenses. I don’t know how different it is from other families. Leg also can change, but I did not buy this several other free leg, so can’t remove!

VR46’s mirror legs are black, and I ~ I ~ I can’t shoot it! Let me show you these two. It’s obvious. There’s a contrast! (Xiao Bian) I was going to bask in these two pairs of glasses alone! You see, do it!

In fact, the two limited edition and the VR46 in addition to body color and lenses are different, the type is the same, no good contrast! I compare a pair of jins with a pair of Ray-Ban’s.! (Ray-Ban. I can’t handle this. I’m new here. Do you want me to sell here?)

It’s VR46! Here is JINS! Comparison with Ray-Ban! VR46 penetration! JINS is a gradient color, filtering weaknesses!

I am not photogenic! So, no camera really, so you should be satisfied?! That’s the end of it! What? Plus?

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