Riding equipment to share: oakley riding sunglasses

Riding glasses This is a good thing, the main function is to prevent the sun glare and sand into the eye, the most well-known to Oakley, and I use the Radarlock is a version of Asia, in the Oakley day cat flagship store did not find my that Section, looking for a similar on the card. I also bought in the United States Oakley Outlets, the original price of 200 knives second half price, or very cost-effective. In fact, the United States in the car shop is placed more Tifosi this brand, the domestic car shop in some brands have seen this brand to sell, the price is relatively close to Oakley, said the effect is also good.
oakley OO9206-37 Sport Radarlock light black / Prizm road 1683 yuan days cat selected to buy

On the glasses, something is not much, a large glasses box, a replacement nose care, a portable glasses bag, a pair of glasses.
Glasses box is large, generally go out only with a glasses bag like, and oakley is the warranty period unconditional frame replacement, whether it is man-made or quality problems are Baohuan, so do not feel bad, glasses fell several times, The lens did not plan to.
The lens has a hollow vent hole, because the whole pair of glasses after wearing a very close to the face, so the heat is easy to accumulate in the glasses, with this hollow hole, the process of riding the wind will speed up the internal heat.
Lenses and frames are removable, easy to replace the lens in different environments, the United States Oakley sunglasses matching lenses to buy a single 300RMB, the domestic has not yet found a single shot lens channels.

Scarf is a very magical props, because it can not only be a scarf, but also can be used as a mask, cheap sunglasses, easy to use, riding recommended products. Taobao a search for a lot, cheap fabrics almost, but with a few times to throw is not a pity, good point is the fabric is better, quick drying and heat all aspects of better, but the difference is also very obvious. For their own use is to buy ospery backpack gift, the fabric is very comfortable, more breathable, and soon dry.
In front of the introduction of some basic equipment, almost can be regarded as essential goods, the back will introduce some advanced equipment, mainly to improve ride comfort and efficiency of the equipment.
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In general, riding the sport or the need for some equipment to assist, personally think that helmet gloves are at least necessary, other equipment can be purchased according to personal circumstances.

The most important thing is to enjoy the fun of riding, equipment is secondary.

Finally attached to two photos at home last year, riding a good ride into the mountains and comfortable.

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