Sun glasses in my house

Native Eyewear is one of the most famous Sunglasses manufacturers in the United States. Many sunglasses are used by American big stars, such as Jim, Belushi and Michael Bolton. Cushionol nose pad ensures the comfort of the nose when wearing. Adjustable nose tray design can be adjusted to comfortable wearing position at will. The lens has a riot proof design to prevent the lens from damaging the glasses at high speed. The lenses are treated with vents to help lift air flow and remove water mist better. The legs are locked, designed to be comfortable and not easy to move.

Nasal support is relatively high. Right for me, the bridge of the nose can be ignored.

The above are picked, ha ha. Basically this sunglasses is very suitable for me this low nose pie face. Although the type of motion, but the whole frame radian into not so exaggerated, plus nose high and adjustable, is quite suitable for asian. Also, the lens vent design is very useful. And it’s polarized. Now it’s mostly me going out and driving.

Vent. The frame is made of plastic, not soft rubber. Many sports types are made of rubber.

But my daughter doesn’t particularly like the sunglasses because the metal on the back of the metal mirror legs is particularly slippery, and the back of the mirror is a little bit hooked. It’s easy for girls to pull their hair when they pick glasses.

The mirror with a lanyard, when not wearing a neck. Basically rely on the friction between the rubber to ensure that, basically, you are not strenuous exercise, bouncing and jumping, then it will not fall. I never hung it anyway
ZOZI native Sunglasses inside more goods, and another often has this brand to sell the website is REI.

Relatively, the price of Amazon in the United States is higher. If you like this brand, it is recommended to buy at the above two websites.

Domestic Oyea motion polarizer.

It was many, many years ago. More than 600 rmb. Mostly cycling. But the color is darker. When you wear the car, the traffic lights are far from clear!

Now for a long time, the frame rubber strip has several plastic, with double-sided adhesive with 3m. The lenses are worn out, too.

There are rubber around the shelves, although there are breathable, but it is very thin, leading to ventilation is not very good, easy to fog. This isn’t as good as native’s ventilation.

Final personal advice:

1., buy Sunglasses conditional, of course, try to wear better. Sea Amoy, and some brand sites will be based on your face to recommend you. Sports Sunglasses in Europe and America are specially covered. We Asians are more flat, so we need to be cautious when buying. Especially the oakley. If you can’t do it, you can buy a nasal tray separately. Anyway, the Asian Oakley is different nose.

2. material: every professional glasses manufacturers have introduced a lot of home they used ## @##% technology. Oakley, for example, is trying to promote his home’s high-definition lens technology. However, from the specific supporting experience, the clarity of Oakley and antive are not very different from those of the naked eye.

In short, each brand in the publicity are strongly reflected in their special skills. A lot of professional words, a cloud of fog, I can only believe that the brand has the reputation of the mirror should not be poor, so don’t buy cheap mirrors to harm their own eyes.

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