The new equipment: Oakley goggles

Went to a year of Thanksgiving holiday, on the north of the train, the beginning to go skiing.

The end of last year, sold a few, bought a lot of finishing the afternoon skiing, and finishing writing, I hope to have the value of some inspiration, also hope that this year’s winter fun to skate
The snow mirror is the choice of the reference this article “tiangongwu: Oakley Prizm – Flight Deck – the first stop bomb: Prizm”, due to copyright reasons I will not post links, please Bing. I have a good impression on Oakley, plus Prizm attribute added, buy, buy, buy! At the time that a tangle buy O models, I ski with frame glasses, have no choice, only choose Canopy, if in order to cool, or invisible, it must choose Flight Deck, after all, large frameless visual feeling is great for you! Like Mix.

Conopy has a frame of myopia glasses and super bar, almost can not feel the pressure of short-sighted glasses, very calm, very big. As for the fog, look at the chemistry tomorrow.
This is my last season with the full set of Smith, the quality is quite good, the brand is also guaranteed.

Smith’s snow goggles are not OTG, but they can also be with frames.

The BD family of this equipment is used to replace the Decathlon white snow suits. It’s Decathlon snow suits is really good, in addition to thick. Really thick?! Zero ski feel T-shirt + fleece + snow jacket is really hot and hot. Symptoms fall into a jacket, put the snow out of the Decathlon service.

In theory, cotton should not be worn because perspiration can lead to a drop in body temperature. But I always wore a long sleeved T-shirt, feeling good, very comfortable. I usually wear so much cold body, with a feather / cotton vest, Decathlon dozens of pieces is very warm.

I’m just skiing white, usually see more evaluation, to choose according to their own preferences for skis, I recommend, I am really incapable of action.

The last time I worked wonders, Goro plastic 3-Way self – timer pole was screwed.

Then I decided to buy a metal, and if it cracks again, I think I can buy the lottery.

Buy remote control, mainly lazy to Amoy mobile phones, it is very convenient, but the electricity worrying. Basically only half a day. I used the remote control in the morning, and I picked up the cell phone in the afternoon
Self timer bar is solid, but can not put GoPro remote control, very tangled, specially bought remote control, no place to put.

I’m not a motorcycle party. I bought this bag basically for skiing and short trips. The bag bought at the end of spring. Actually it’s very practical. Not looking, is little, without tents and sleeping bags for 2 days on foot, no problem, summer two week driving, I put all the luggage in the bag.

There is a special computer barrier, and 15 inches of RMBP can be put in. The suspension system is acceptable, Bossey capacity determines this much. A bag can be installed under a motorcycle cylinder or a ski helmet and a thin coat (excluding liner jacket). The final package when I put a bag of snow, and Oakley goggles a pair of goggles.

There is a special place where the passport is placed on the strap. IPhone6Plus can be put in. Passport, a few pages of A4 paper, a pen can be inserted. Departure time is very convenient. I don’t need it at all. I’ll take it. I can hit it when I’m away.

The knapsack size according to the check-in baggage optimization, which is in line with the XXXX specification can check-in baggage, luggage down into the plane! This super stick!
Then the black green is Airhole, one is not easy to bring up, two is easy to take off, and three is easy to take up fog, four is good, especially expensive?. No way, who let him is a pillow with an embroidered case.
Decathlon glove is good, it is too thick. I have a Burton now, zero degrees, ten degrees below zero for about Decathlon.

Finally, clothes, ski bag, after all is not his own car, scratch is not good.
It is estimated that when you see this post, I should have been in the snow field. 16G iPhone really no room to put down what is worth buying App, if there is a problem, three days later reply in time.

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